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    • Did you know that ALL students at Northgate Elementary are offered FREE breakfast?  The free breakfast program is sponsored by United Way.  Thank you United Way! 
    • Did you know that Northgate Elementary has two dedicated full-time nutrition education coordinators sponsored by United Way/Americorp?  Northgate is so excited to have Madison and Ramla at our school to encourage students in learning about nutrition and making healthy choices.  They provide 3+ hours of education per student and visit classrooms 1-2 times a month to teach students how to choose nutritious food and other related topics such as composting, making smoothies, etc.  Madison and Ramla organized the Market Night event which provided a healthy meal and free produce to all students and families.  Thank you to United Way/Americorp! 
    • Did you know that Food Lifeline comes to Northgate Elementary once a month and all students are sent home with a free bag of groceries?  Thank you Food Lifeline!  Check the online calendar for the next Food Lifeline day.
    • Did you know that every classroom is provided a fresh fruit or vegetable every day for snack (FFVP - fresh fruit and veggie program)?  The kitchen staff cuts-up oranges, jicama, kiwi and many other fruits and vegetables.  As much as possible, the produce is sourced locally, however during seasons local produce is not available, it comes from non-local sources. FFVP is partially funded from the tax that is collected on sugar sweetened beverages sold within Seattle city limits and partially funded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The program provides free fresh fruits and vegetables to students in elementary schools where at least 50% of students are eligible for free or reduced-price meals. The purpose of the program is to increase the variety and frequency of fruits and vegetables that children eat and to positively influence their life-long eating habits.