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    African American Read In 2/28

    The I-School at University of Washington is hosting a great free opportunity for young people this Sunday, the African American Read In. Hosted by Doc Martin, this event will have several different virtual rooms with stories and songs geared for ages 4-12, as well as discussion rooms for adults and teens.

    I am excited about this event. I registered last week. It builds on the important need for Black History Month, and is sponsored by the school where I earned my library degree. I had the privilege of working with Doc Martin in a summer Read-a-Rama camp, and loved her energetic combining of music, books, and care. She is very organized and inspiring. I hope you will consider spending an hour on Sunday at the African American Read In. You can sign up here:

    African American Read In

    Seattle Public Library Access

    This video explains how to access Seattle Public Library and some of its resources.

    Curbside Checkout

    First and Third Tuesdays

    3-5 pm

    March 2, March 16

    (Dogman Month! Each checkout also gets Dogman items.)

    April 6, April 20

    Curbside checkout will allow Northgate students to borrow books in a safe, socially distanced manner.  Please wear masks and plan to stay 6 feet apart. Time is earlier to accommodate for visitation patterns and the cold dark.

    Students can point and choose books arrayed on the tables, take a curated bag of 4 books, or place a hold on books in advance.  Holds must be placed by midnight on the Sunday before the checkout date, so I have time to gather them.

    For how to place a hold on books online, read this guide or watch this video on placing holds. Click for Chinese, Spanish, Somali and Vietnamese translations to holds instructions. 

    If you place a hold on books, they can be picked up at Curbside on the dates listed above, or from school during the mornings.

    Another way to request books is the Grab Bag. If you request a grab bag, I will select books and check them out to you. Books can be picked up at Curbside Checkout or from the main office during office hours. This is an option for students who do not place holds.

    Email Jodie Purcell with any questions.


    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1) What is the Login/Password used for logging in online to make a hold on a book?

    • The login/password is the same one your student uses to login to their school computer or ipad. 
    • STUDENT USERNAME EXAMPLE: Student Name: Joe William Smith
      • Student Username: 1jwsmith ('1,' first name initial, middle name initial, last name).  Students who have similar names will have slight changes to this format.
    • STUDENT PASSWORDS: It’s your child's birthday. 4 digits for month and day (mmdd). For example, July 7th is 0707 (for K-4th grade). 5th grade have a 7 digit password (mmddyyy). For example July 7th, 2009 would be 0707200.

    2) How many books can my child checkout?  

    • Each child may checkout up to 4 books. Please bring back the books you have already checked out to check out additional books. 

    3) How are books kept "clean" in the environment of Covid-19?

    • After books are checked-in, they are quarantined for a week before they are re-shelved.

    4) Where is the Curbside Checkout?

    • The checkout is in the covered play area on the north side of the school.  Park in the parking lot and come through the driveway on the north side of the school (or down the steps).  Please don't enter through the front doors of the school.

    5) Do you need help with the Curbside Checkout?

    • Yes, about 2 parent volunteers each time.  You could do an hour or two.  Please email me at if you are able to assist.

    PLEASE NOTE:  Please donate any extra grocery bags you have around your house.  You may bring them to the next Curbside Checkout.  They are used to send the books home with the students.

    You may return books at Curbside Checkout, too.

    Volunteer Opportunities

    Interested in volunteering in the library? The library would like volunteers to help with outdoor Curbside Checkout. Only offer if you are healthy and not exposed to covid-19. 

    Thank you!
    Jodie Purcell, Northgate Elementary Librarian