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    Subscribe to PTO Email List

    We currently have a Google Groups email list set up to help with easy communication for all people interested in getting email updates on what the PTO is working on, such as school events, copies of meeting minutes, date of next meeting, volunteer requests, etc.   

    Directions on how to subscribe:
    1.  Go to the Google Group webpage by clicking here.  
    2.  Search for "Northgate Elementary PTO Seattle"

    3. Click on the highlighted (in blue) Northgate Elementary PTO Seattle link.  It might have a quotation icon by it.  It will open another page.

    4. Simply join the group by clicking the blue "Join Group" button. 

    You will start receiving the email updates.  You are able to unsubscribe at any time.

    Northgate PTO Monthly Meetings

    Northgate PTO gathers once a month on a Monday at 6-7 PM. 
    October 8th - 6-7 PM
    November 5th - 6-7 PM
    December 10th - 6-7 PM
    January 14th - 6-7 PM
    February 11th - 6-7 PM
    March 11th - 6-7 PM
    April 15th - 6-7 PM - cancelled
    May 6th - 6-7 PM
    May 24th - 3pm - Parent gathering
    June 10th - 6-7 PM


    Please join us on one of our committees.  If you want to be involved in one of the committees, please email  Many hands make light work.

    1. Teacher Appreciation Committee - helps show our teachers we love them!
    2. Communication Committee - facilitates communication between parents, between staff and parents and between Northgate elementary and the community.  
    3. Events Committee - helps coordinate the fun events Northgate Elementary has for its students.  Some of the events are listed here.
    4. PTO Leadership Committee - Secretary, Treasurer, President.
    5. Fund Raising Committee - works with Friends of Northgate to raise funds to support Northgate Elementary.
    6. Room Parent Committee - helps coordinate communication with parents in each classroom.
    THANK YOU to all of the fabulous parents, teachers, and community members who are consistently meeting, planning and working together to grow the PTO and the great work that has and will be done.
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