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    health screening QR code

    Steps to complete the Daily Health Screening (Attestation).  Please complete before 7am and before your child arrives at school.  

    1. You need to have a copy of the QR Code above (you can print this one or get one from school).  Check your email, as Ms. Dedy emailed you a form attached as a .pdf on April 1st (3:20pm). 
    2. Open your camera on your phone or device.
    3. Point your camera at the QR Code.  You will see a link on your camera that says, "Tap here to go to "" in your browser."
    4. Tap the link and it will take you to a form to fill out.  The form will ask you for your language.  Select language.  Click the orange button with a tiny arrow in it (it looks like a minus sign).
    5. Enter your student's SPS email address.  This is the same login that your student has been using for remote learning.  It starts with a 1 and is then first initial, middle initial, last name @  For Julia Paul Ahmed, it might looks something like this
    6. Enter your student's first and last name.  Click the orange button.
    7. Click on the "Student" (it will highlight in blue) and click the orange button.
    8. Select your student's grade (you must do this same process for every student you have).  Click the orange button.
    9. Answer "Yes" to the questions "Do  you plan to come to a school site today?" by clicking on the "Yes" and it will highlight blue. Click the orange button.
    10. Click in the blue outlined box that says "0 selected".  Scroll down and check the box next to Northgate Elementary.  Click OK.  Click the orange button.
    11. Answer "No" to the question, "Do you plan on participating in a SPS sport today?".  Click the orange button.
    12. Answer "Yes, I consent" or "No, I decline."  If you decline, you will be asked to keep your child home that day.  Click the orange button.
    13. Click on any of the symptoms your child has that day OR click the bottom option, "None of the Above".  Click the orange button.
    14. Click on any of the statements that apply OR click the bottom option, "None of the Above".  Click the orange button.
    15. You will either get a green checkmark (approved to go to school) or a red x (not approved to go to school).

    This process will complete the requirement of filling out the daily health screening.  Please set an alarm on your phone to remind you to do it prior to 7am.  Please do this before your child arrives at school.