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    Join us! 

    Friends of Northgate meets at 9:30 am every other Tuesday at Northgate Elementary (in the library).  All are welcome.  See the School Calendar for the next meeting date.

    Friends of Northgate is an arm of the community that wants to see public schools thrive. We love all public schools, but we also understand that we live in a distinct location with specific needs. Therefore, we are particularly focused on supporting the needs of Northgate Elementary School. It is our hope and goal that Northgate Elementary would not only have the funding that it needs, but that it would also have the community support. We know that through community support and partnership, we will be able to offer the best future for the whole city. So join us. Join us through funding or through volunteering. Join us through sharing your story and through sharing your hopes for the city. Join us in discovering how one community member can make a world of difference.

    About Northgate Elementary

    Northgate Elementary School finds itself in a passionate community with unique needs. Northgate has about 220 students. Over 20 different languages are spoken in our diverse community. Northgate houses the area’s ELL (English Language Learner) program and also is the home school for Mary’s Place, the shelter for women who need assistance.

    Northgate is one of the most growing regions in the entire country. The next 5-10 years will reveal several new additions to this neighborhood, such as the light rail, a entire village community at the Northgate Mall, a new professional hockey training arena and offices. So now is the time to strengthen our core. As we move forward and include new partners, let us ensure that we hold onto the pieces of the community that help make up our future, our children. We invite you to become a Friend of Northgate Elementary. 

    Specific Needs

    We want to be the best public school that we can be. We want to serve our students and our community. We can’t do this without community partners and supporters. The changing budget of the Seattle School District provides a difficult landscape for sustained growth and development. We need advocates at every level, including at the state. Today, every dollar counts. We cannot allow more years to go by without the necessary resources to make this school everything that it needs to be. We seek sustainable resources to enhance and enrich our school community.

    Every Dollar Counts

    We are seeking, at minimum, to raise $40,000 by June 30th, 2019 for the 2019-2020 school year. This will be used for essentials like retaining a school counselor, building our library with diverse stories and having consistent supplies.

    • $10,000 will help us achieve consistent supplies and library support
    • $20,000 will help us fund 5th grade camp and field trips
    • $30,000 will help us improve our technology and partially fund personnel support, like having a full time counselor (vs. part time that the school district provides).
    • $40,000 - $60,000 will help us achieve funding for a full-time counselor, which is needed to support the students at Northgate. 

    Action Items

    Will you, as a community member and partner, support Northgate Elementary either with your time or your financial support?  Please contact Dani to inquire about joining Friends of Northgate or to pledge your financial support.  You can also donate directly by going to our Donate page.  You may also join any Friends of Northgate meeting, which meets every other Tuesday at 9:30am in the Northgate Elementary library.  See the Calendar for the next dates.