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Eva Masumoto

Masumoto, Eva

Teacher/Bilingual BE

Biography Job Title: English Language Teacher, gr 3-5 What I love about Northgate: The vibrant curiosity of our students, the staff commitment to teaching the whole child, and teaching and learning from students from all over the world make this a wonderful place to be! ,Personal Message  

Christine McFerran

McFerran, Christine

Third Grade Teacher


I have taught for twenty years. Blessed to have taught at Northgate for sixteen years. I have taught first - third grade. My favorite thing about Northgate is our warm and welcoming community. Everyone in my family attended Seattle Public Schools and graduated from the University of Washington.

,Personal Message

Yamila Mulder

Mulder, Yamila


Biography I am originally from Cuba. I speak Spanish and English. I am a mother, a wife, and a pet owner. I have been an educator since 1993. Personal Message Hello Northgate Community [COME-UNITY], Welcome to Kindergarten! I have been an educator since 1993. I began my teaching career in Cuba prior to coming to the USA in 2002. There, I taught students from Pre-Kindergarten-6th grade. I started teaching in Seattle Public Schools in 2003, and came to Northgate Elementary in the Fall of 2014. My experience as an educator working with Seattle Public Schools have covered Kindergarten- 5th grade. As an educator, I integrate extra curricular activities and skills with the core content subject areas to ensure learning is relevant and meaningful for our diverse group of learners. Furthermore, I believe in meeting students where they are at and help them move along while keeping them learning, engaged, and having fun. In addition to teaching, I am a wife, a mother, a pet owner, and a lover of arts such as music, dancing, and crafts. Let's work together to have a wonderful school year! Thank you/ Gracias!

Nathaniel Oxford

Oxford, Nathaniel

Instrumental Music Teacher


Graduate of Seattle Public Schools and University of Washington. Trombonist in Puget Sound Symphony Orchestra. I teach mornings at: Leschi (M), Northgate (T), Licton Springs (W), North Beach (Th), and Sand Point (F). Afternoons I'm at Catharine Blaine.

,Personal Message

I teach instrumental music to 4th and 5th graders at six schools, and middle school band and orchestra at Catharine Blaine.

My favorite subjects in school:
 PE at Lawton and Columbia (when we did archery, unicycling, roller skating, and juggling)

Pets: I have three cats, even though I'm allergic. Their names are Toby, Prudence, and Jupiter.

Family: Spouse Becky, and two high schoolers. One attends school in Gig Harbor, and the other attends in Seattle. In fact, he commuted two hours each way with me to Seattle for all of middle school. (Can you imagine?!?) Thankfully, we now have an apartment in city!

Favorite food: MOD Pizza

Favorite movies: Frozen 2, Enchanted, and Edward Scissorhands.

Favorite books: the Silver Trilogy by Kerstin Gier. (For many years my favorite book was The Eight by Catherine Neville. And one day I would like to get all the way through Gödel Escher Bach by Douglas Hofstadter)               

Favorite music: listening to my students after they've practiced something they're excited about!

What I've been working on: Becoming more technically proficient with computer apps like Schoology, the Source, and especially audio/video editing (which I know almost nothing about). I'm a semi-professional trombonist, but violin was my first instrument as a kid (for a very short time), and since coming to work in SPS, I've been working on my fiddle skills. It's a long road, but I know if I just keep doing it, I'll keep getting better. And the better I get, the more fun I have playing!

Other favorite activities: Road trips, camping, and enjoying nature.

Schools I attended:
 Pinehurst (gr. 1)
 Lawton (2-3)
 Columbia (4)
 Lynndale (5 through part of 6, in Edmonds)
 West Woodland (6)
 Whitman (7-8)
 Franklin (9-12)
 University of Washington (BA/BM, with teaching endorsements in instrumental music, choir, and math)

Langsy Phothivongsa

Phothivongsa, Langsy


Biography I teach 3rd grade. I speak Lao, Thai, and English. I have been an educator for 33 years. 22 of which have been in the classroom. What I love about the Northgate community is the diverse staff, families, and students as well as how everyone comes together to help each other. Personal Message Welcome to Third Grade!  My name is Langsy Phothivongsa, it is my priority that your child leaves school each day feeling positive and excited for another day of learning. First, a little bit of information about myself.  I was born in Pakse, Laos.  However, I grew up in Spokane, Washington.  I received my teaching certification at Western Washington University and began my career in teaching in Seattle Public Schools in 1998.  I taught 1st thru 5th as well as split grades. As a teacher, it is my goal to help your child be as successful as possible in their 3rd grade year by meeting your child’s academic needs through differentiated, small group, and individual instruction.  It is my hope to provide opportunities for your child to push themselves, make goals, and develop deep understandings. Third grade can be a very exciting time for students, as there are many new experiences awaiting them both academically and socially.  Your child’s education should be a positive experience and I firmly believe an environment built upon respect, responsibility and engagement will help your child be successful. The best way to reach me is via email, which I check throughout the school day.  My email address is  I can also be reach by phone at 206-252-4204.   Please note that I do not answer the phone during instructional periods but will do my best to return calls and email within 24 hours.

Hector Pop Chun

Pop Chun, Hector

Bilingual Instr Asst -203/7

Purcell, Jodie



I earned my teaching and library degrees at the University of Washington. My master's is from Western. I am glad to be part of the reading community in Seattle Public Schools.

,Personal Message

This is my first year as Northgate and Montlake's librarian. I have been welcomed by a warm and helpful community of teachers, staff, parents and students.  I am so glad to be here!

The library will offer Curbside Checkout during distance learning, every other Tuesday at Northgate, and every other Thursday at Montlake.

Patrick Reynolds

Reynolds, Patrick

Teacher-Elementary Specialist
Jacqueline Rivera

Rivera, Jacqueline

Counselor/ School Social Worker


Hi! I'm Ms. Jackie. I'm from Southern California and I've worked mostly in schools since 2009. I have a degree titled MSW. It means I'm a social worker. I took extra classes to be able to work in schools. I am an avid reading and I have a child of my own and moved out here to Seattle, WA in 2016. I love and have been at Northgate since 2017!

,Personal Message

I have the honor of supporting the whole school.

I love the diversity and compassionate community here at Northgate.

Glorivette Rodriguez

Rodriguez, Glorivette

Family Educator II - Hdstrt
Laura Root

Root, Laura



I have worked in the district in various roles since 2001. I have taught Kindergarten since 2012 and been at Northgate since 2015. I came to Northgate because I love the community, the families and the rewarding challenge of teaching a group of students that all bring their strengths, perspectives and diversity to the classroom. I love Kindergarten because of the energy this age brings to the class--they believe they can do anything, and I help them channel it so they do!

,Personal Message

Melie Ros

Ros, Melie

Special Ed- SEL IA


I work in Special Education here at Northgate. I love working at Northgate because the community is awesome. I'm an alumnus here at Northgate where I've attended all through K-5. I also work at the afterschool program.

,Personal Message

Life-transforming ideas have always come to me through books.
-bell hooks

Linda Sinni

Sinni, Linda

K-2 SEL Special Education Teacher

Biography I teach K-2 social emotional learners in a self-contained Special Education classroom. Personal Message Hello Wonderful Northgate Families! I am so lucky to work at such a supportive and passionate school. My children attend Northgate and love it too! I am from New Jersey and gained my undergraduate degree in Special Education at St. Bonaventure University in NY state. I later received my master's degree at Walden University for elementary reading intervention. I have taught in Seattle Public Schools for 11 years, all of which I have taught social-emotional learners in Special Education. I really love teaching students how to become self-managers that are in control of their emotional responses. When I am not teaching, I have two boys who keep me busy on adventurous trips in our camper van all over this beautiful part of the country! Camping is my absolute favorite, along with watching movies and reading books.

Lena Snyder
Nicole Sud

Sud, Nicole

Administrative Secretary

Biography Volunteer at Northgate! Visit our online application process Personal Message Together with our Office assistant, I am here to make your time at Northgate a success. Please stop by the office with any questions you might have and we will get them answered! We handle everything! Bus information, attendance, personal information updating, concerns, school supply needs, family support needs, etc. etc. etc. If we can't help, we know who can!